Host a local food feast

World Localization Day is the perfect time to connect with your local food system and what better way to celebrate it than with a Local Food Feast in June? Join the worldwide local food movement and the millions of people giving rise to a better future from the ground up. Share this campaign widely with your networks.

A Local Food Feast can be anything from a family dinner at home to a potluck with friends and colleagues, or even a neighborhood street feast! The challenge is to use locally produced food – and maybe even try to get to know your local farmers. Watch our short introduction video and register your feast.

Local food systems are vital

Local Food Feasts World Localization Day

Food is fundamental

Food is the one thing we produce that everyone needs, every day. So even small changes in the way it is produced and distributed can have profound impacts on the Earth, the economy, and our health.

Local Food Feasts World Localization Day

It creates community

Bringing people together around local food is powerful: in a crisis-affected world, local food systems are lifeboats of biodiversity, community cohesion, food-security, soil health, and well-being.

Local Food Feasts World Localization Day

It can save the planet

As we shorten the distance between consumers and producers, we structurally reduce pollution, encourage on-farm diversity and with it greater productivity, nutritious food, more local livelihoods and ecosystem regeneration.

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