Get Involved

Host an event

Join the movement by hosting an event! Run a screening of our new film. Cook up a Local Food Feast. Organize a farm tour. Take action with ideas from our Localization Action Guide. Fill out a quick form (here or at the bottom of this page) to let us know what you're planning! Though we will only feature June events on our WLD calendar, we welcome you to celebrate localization any time of the year.

Watch the film

Planet Local: A Quiet Revolution, a new film by Local Futures, features voices from across the global grassroots localization movement. The film is available in 11 languages and counting; download and stream them all here. Watch it on your own, gather with friends, or host a public screening!

Take action

World Localization Day is all about increasing awareness of localization efforts already happening in your area, and creating new ones.

Take action and create change where you are - any day of the year - with our Localization Action Guide.

Share your actions with us over email, or tag us on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Media outreach

In YOUR community, there are dozens of newsworthy initiatives contributing to resilient local economies. Tie their work into an international movement for economic change, and you’ve got a great story!

If you know any journalists or media in your country/region who would be interested in covering the localization movement, write to us at info [at]


If you'd like to translate our film, or disseminate translated materials within your country, reach out to us at info [at]


We welcome donations to support our efforts in spreading awareness of and celebrating localization! Donate through the Local Futures website.